Menu Graphics Expansion pack for MenuPro

Take your MenuPro® menus to the next level — with Ai Menu Graphics

Restaurant Menu and Food Clipart for Menus

Stylized Menu Graphics and Illustrations for MenuPro®

The rich assortment of vivid graphics in this collection includes stylish ethnic, seasonal, and holiday images from the pen of acclaimed New York illustrator Tim Grajek - all designed exclusively for SoftCafe.

Add any of these images to your MenuPro menus with just a few clicks or use them with SoftCafe WebGuider to enhance your restaurant website.


  • 80+ Original Illustrations and Graphics – for use with MenuPro
  • Multiple color variations – including Watermark, Earth tone, Pop Art, and more
  • GIF versions – for use with website builders including SoftCafe WebGuider
  • High-resolution scalable vector files – suitable for professional menu design
  • Transparent backgrounds – on all vector and GIF images
Menu Design Illustrations and Clipart Samples

Multiple Image and Color Variations

This expressly colorful collection includes over 80 original illustrations from acclaimed illustrator Tim Grajek in scalable and transparent vector art format and streamlined for use with MenuPro.

Plus each image comes in 5 color variations including watermark for menu backgrounds - GIF image versions for websites are also included - for a total of over 450 image files.

Menu Clip Art Color Variation - Original Menu Clip Art Color Variation - Earthtone Menu Clip Art Color Variation - Grey Menu Clip Art Color Variation - Pop Art Menu Clip Art Color Variation - Watermark

Sample Menu Designs

With an emphasis on color and style, Tim Grajek's art can make any menu look better. Below are some sample menus and sample menu cover pages created with MenuPro and images from the Ai Menu Graphics collection.

click example menus to view