MenuPro® Menu App

Publish your MenuPro Menus on Facebook

Our Facebook Menu App lets you publish the same custom menu you use for your in-house menus on your Facebook page. This lets you keep your design/brand in-tact, saves you from re-typing your menu, and sets your Restaurant Facebook page apart from drab, text-only menu presentations. It also ensures you are not displaying the same cookie-cutter menu template as your competitor.

Free Menu App on Facebook

• To use the MenuPro Menu App it's best to have MenuPro 10 so you can create instant JPG menus.

• It's FREE! - There is no cost to install or use the App.

• The App installs with a stylish Menu Tab, in a high-profile position on your Facebook page, so customers can easily view your menus.

Installing the Free Menu App

To install the App on Facebook just click the link below:
Install App

Tips on using the Menu App

The MenuPro Menu App is super easy to install and use but if you're having trouble click here for tips from our support FAQ.