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MenuPro Restaurant Menu Design Software

What is MenuPro?

MenuPro is a software program that gives you everything you need to create and print your own menus. From daily specials to complete dining room menus, MenuPro gives you quick, professional designs without the hassle or expense of using a graphic designer or Microsoft® Word.

Since it's a native application that is installed onto your computer, it's fast, doesn't require the internet, and there are no monthly subscription fees.

Only MenuPro® has 1-Click Design

Only MenuPro had Drag and Drop Menu Design. Click to see more features.

MenuPro works like nothing else - you drag & drop your menu items from a list to a menu on the screen. As the items hit the menu, the program formats them so that everything lines up into a stylish, professional design.

If you decide to try out a new look, there's nothing to re-type. MenuPro switches designs including layout, background, fonts and colors - using your actual menu text - with a single click. So you can instantly see if the new design is right for you.

Key Features

  • Simple to Use — clean and uncluttered, no complicated commands
  • Efficient — stores foods in a list, create menus and daily specials with drag & drop
  • Professional Designs — over 175 instant Menu Styles, all interchangeable
  • Design Flexibility  — change fonts, layout, background, graphics, colors & size of any design
  • Unlimited items — add any number of menu items to any menu
  • Add your Logo — or select built-in graphics to convey your restaurant's identity
  • Fast and Reliable — runs on your desktop, always available, no internet connection required
  • Save Time & Money — no waiting for changes, no printing service expenses

Faster than Word. More than just templates

Menu Styles - a MenuPro exclusive. Click to see more MenuPro features

MenuPro stores your menu items in a list that's always available. Since your foods are always 'on file' and ready to go, the time consuming task of re-typing to create a new menu is eliminated.

To create a new daily specials menu, just drag & drop from the list. Change prices or make menu substitutions at any time. With a few quick edits you're ready to print new menus.

So easy, anyone can use it

MenuPro comes complete and ready to use — here's how it works:

  1. Type your menu items into a list, then drag & drop them to the menu on the screen. MenuPro does the layout and design for you automatically based on your chosen design. Easy Menu Printing with MenuPro - See how it works
  2. Try out new designs any time without re-typing. Customize by adding your own logo, fonts, or change layout options. There's even a culinary spell-checker.
  3. When you're finished, print as many copies as you need in-house. Or email a high-quality printable PDF to your local printer for high volume printing. Publish your menu online to your Website or Facebook to promote your latest specials, prices, and offerings.

Create the menu you want

Examples of customers who customized our designs with their own artwork.

MenuPro is easy but flexible enough so you can change virtually every element of your design, so you're not stuck with an unoriginal design.

Plus, you can add boxes and highlights to any menu item to boost sales of high-profit foods.

Be creative, express yourself, and make your menus match the personality of your restaurant — it's not only easy, it's fun.

Keep your printed menus and web menus in-sync

Create PDF or JPG menus to publish on the WEB. Click to see more MenuPro features.

With MenuPro's built-in PDF Creator and Web Uploader you can quickly publish your menus to your Website or Facebook to keep your online menus in-sync with your printed menus.

Make last minute menu substitutions without waiting for a printing service or graphic designer. Post daily specials or holiday menus online with just a few clicks. Easily upload your full dining room menu to Facebook or your Website — for free.

Save money on menu printing

Click to view Menu Samples

If you change your menus frequently to keep up with the competition and fluctuating food costs, the cost of designing and printing professional menus can run into the thousands. MenuPro will pay for itself the first time you use it.

You'll save money because you won't need a graphic artist. You'll save money because you won't need to pay a printing service. And when food costs change, you'll be able to react within 24 hours with a new menu and new prices — a must in today's competitive marketplace.